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What we do

KNN Digital Media is a Performance-Based Digital Marketing Agency specialized in driving high intent customers to Industry Leading Brands. We currently operate in +10 verticals including Consumer, Finance, Trading and iGaming, among others.
Our goal

Our GoalDrive high intent customers to Industry Leading Brands

We Drive Business Performance to our Partners, at scale, in more than 12 languages by using multiple marketing channels, including PPC, SEO, Social Media, Display etc...

We help our partners increase sales and market share, by delivering ultra qualified leads, that become high quality paying customers in the long term

Our Expertise

Our Approach We work in multiple industries on a global scale to provide our partners with long term paying customers

- Market Research and In-Depth Industry Analysis to thoroughly understand consumer behaviour
- Industry Tailored Marketing Strategies including PPC, Social Media, SEO etc…
- In-Depth Data analysis using advanced statistical modelling to capture the most valuable insights from all the data generated
- Advanced optimisation methods across the different marketing channels that have been used

Our Expertise

Our Expertise Data Driven Marketing Advertising Solutions that deliver the best results for our Partners

We use cutting edge technology, data analysis, and statistical modelling to capture the most relevant insights from all the mass of data that we collect and this allows us to build an accurate picture of a buyer’s journey, from the very initial consideration stage to final confident purchasing decision


Business performance at scale.
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Our Partner's Benefits


We operate at scale in more than 75 countries and in +12 different languages allowing us to reach millions of users every month.


We are experts in understanding online consumer behaviour and optimizing consumer funnel to bring the highest value customers to our partners.

Content Management

We grant users with the most updated information, provided by real industry experts, helping them make the right buying decision.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use advanced machine learning algorithms and advanced statistical modelling to better understand consumer funnel in order to provide our partners with the highest LTV customers.

Digital and Industry Experts

We are a fast growing start up co-founded by Ex-Googlers, with highly motivated online digital professionals and veteran industry experts.



"We have been working with KNN for 2 years now, and the results have been outstanding. They have a team of digital experts which is a pleasure to work with. We have managed to build a long term relationship with them and looking forward to working with them in other new verticals and business opportunities. The quality of their traffic is excellent and has helped us to increase our sales volume and market share".

Joan Lopez Director Affiliate Marketing IQ Option

"Working with KNN over the last year has been a tremendous win - win for both companies. We have already established a very strong partnership with them, and we are looking forward to increasing our cooperation. They are extremely results oriented and they always manage to find the right users with the higher LTV for us. The leads they send to us are ultra qualified and this has helped us grow our sales in current active verticals and develop new niche sub-verticals as well".

Roberto Rodríguez Affiliate Sales Manager

Our Team - Join Us

We are constantly looking for talented, skilled and hard-working individuals willing to take up new challenges. If you are passionate about the web, have a strong digital, data analysis or marketing background we would be happy to speak with you!

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